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Optional printing

Do you want to combine Long Yong with your individual uniform?

We provide a lot of Long Yong’s individual mark for you,
most of them are screen printing, and you can print it on the sports wear, T-shirt or coat.

选择图样印花 选择图样印花 选择图样印花 选择图样印花 龙永商标 龙永商标 龙永商标

If you want to make other screen printing,

please read the flow fee table

Every part
(Stencil fabrication fee for a single graphic)
Single color 35RMB (Every stencil fabrication fee is 650 RMB)
Double color S 50 RMB (Every stencil fabrication fee is 1,300 RMB)
3 color S 60 RMB (Every stencil fabrication fee is 1,950 RMB)
  • The charge of the individual screen printing includes processing fee and stencil fabrication fee.
  • The maximal size is 35cm high* 11cm wide.
  • When the same single color designs for 10 persons, the price is
    (1 piece of processing fee)*10+ (single color plate making fee: 650 RMB)
  • The same single color designed print on both front and back, that is to say, 2 part single color printings.
    1 piece of processing fee35*2=75RMB
    (The making fee will not change whether you use the same color or the different colors.)

Silk screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil.
One color needs a stencil. The stencil can be repeated used, the more you print, the more the value. This printing is durable and not easy to peel off.