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Long Yong Company specializes in making futsal uniform.
Thank you for your reading.
Here are some answers to problems that customers concerned. If you have something else questions about the products or the website, welcome to contact us.

About the products

How do I choose the correct size?
Please refer to the size in each product page「 or the page of reference size.
We will send the size simple if you need.
You should fill the “Apply to a size sample” and your detail address on the consultation and then e-mail to us.
Besides, the borrowed period is 10 days, please send us the sample by C.O.D.
How do I choose the fabric?
Every page has a detail introduction about the product’s fabric. If you need, we will send the product sample to you.
You should fill the “Apply to a fabric sample” and your detail address on the consultation and then e-mail to us.
Besides, the borrowed period is 10 days, please send us the sample by C.O.D.
What is the durability of the printed numbers and team badges?
Designs with HTHP method will not wear out.
Designs with other printing method will wear out but varies based upon usage
Can I order another type of the stitched uniform besides the basic ones?
We only provide the 14 basic types in current..
Can you embroider the socks with a design or words?
Sorry, we have not this business.
What kind of shirt type is available?
Only the basic shirt type is available.
What size do you have now?
The child size is 130,140,150 and 160. The adult size is S, M, O, and XO.
What kind of printing do you have?
Silk screen printing, single color transfer printing, flex transfer printing.
Will the printing peel off?
It has durability, but this does not rule out misuse.
Hoping for your understand.
How many colors do you have?
16 basic colors (you will see in the design simulation page) and the similar to the color of gold and silver.


What is the difference between the basic type of printed uniform and the personal designed printed uniform?
Ordering from the design simulation page the price of the short-sleeve shirt is 480 RMB and the long-sleeve shirt is 560 RMB. If you choose the personal designed, the price of short-sleeve shirt is 660 RMB and the long-sleeve shirt is 700 RMB
※The personal designed fee of the stencil fabrication is 300 RMB
How to calculate the printing charge?
There is a detailed record in the page of shirt mark.


Can you imitate the design of other team?
We regret to say that we could not.
Can you add other sport mark or company’s mark?
We could not take the liberty of publishing because of the copyright.
How about the actual colors printed on the fabric?
You can refer the photos in the page of reference size. If you need we will send you color sample.
You should write “Apply to a color sample” and your details address in the consultation and e-mail us.
Can I choose the font?
You can choose which one you like in the font table.
Can I use some special marks or Chinese?
As long as we have, we will print it for you. You should discuss the details with the designer.
Can I have a customized badge?
If you just change the color or font in the page of personal badge we will not charge for extra fee, if you want to make a bran-new one ,please e-mail or fax your design. Besides, we will charge 210RMB for the stencil fabrication.
How many colors of the socks?
16 colors
Can you print my badge?
Send your pattern to us, we will deal with it.
What is the final effect of my design?
Conveying the designer your thought as much as details as possible and the final effect should be discussed with the designer.
Can I add Romanized in the player name?
Of course.
Can you design the other type of the printed uniform apart from the basic ones?
You can use the personal design.
Can I go to the company to discuss the design?
Sure, please contact us beforehand.

Design simulation page

Can you design other patterns beyond the design simulation page ?
Sure, but it must be used personal design, because it is out of the scope. The price of short-sleeve shirt is 660RMB and long-sleeve shirt is 700 RMB. We will charge you 700RMB for the stencil fabrication.


Can I match the shirt with a different size shorts?
Sure, just tell me what size do you want.
Can I order the long-sleeve shirt together with short-sleeve shirt?
Sure, as long as the total number is up to 5 at the first time, the minimum additional of an order is one.
Can I order the uniform if the number is in less than 5?
I’m sorry to say the first order is at least 5 and the additional order is one or more we can make.
Can I just make a sample shirt before ordering?
If necessary, the price of the sample shirt is 700RMB,
otherwise, if your order above 11 after this, we will return you 350RMB. If your order above 20, we will return you the sample price, 700RMB.
How to order additionally?
Telephone or e-mail us, tell me your team name, player name, size and number.
How to get the uniform?
Please refer “ the flow.
How long is the storage period of the additional order?
Within 3 years.
Can I order uniform beyond the futsal uniform?
Sure, we also make volleyball and rugby uniforms please connect with us directly.
If I ordered short sleeves uniforms before, can I order additional long sleeves uniforms?
Of course you can. It is the same as additional order, minimum quantity is one piece..
How can I know your quotation?
Please send us your design and the estimate in the reference page.

Payment & Shipment

When can I receive the uniforms?
Product deliveries are three weeks after designs are confirmed by our staffs.
Any discount?
We can offer a 10% discount, if the quantity is over 20.
When do I pay?
C.O.D or bank remittance. If you choose the last one, please pay before delivery.
Is it possible to fix the exact date of delivery?
Product deliveries are three weeks after designs are confirmed by our staffs. However, sometimes the product will be delayed by irresistible incident, so please discuss with the design.
Is there anything special should I do?
In order to dispatch your product as soon as possible, please contact with us after remitting. Remember to leave your remittance detail.


Do you have any albums?
Yes, you can write in the reference page or send e-mail or call us directly.
Can you send the mini sample?
Yes, please write your details to us in the reference page “Applying to a mini sample”. Remember to tell us your type in details. You can lend it for 10 days and return it by C.O.D.
Could you give me a discount if I purchase the home and away uniforms together?
We can offer 10% discount, please seize the opportunity.